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Certificate on Dell Laptops Breaks Encrypted HTTPS Connections

Similarly as to how Lenovo was found earlier this year to include the malicious Superfish root certificate on their new laptops to "enhance" users' experience by providing targeted ads, Dell has now been found to include their very own root cert called eDellRoot.

The certificate, which is installed in the system's certificate store under the name "eDellRoot", gets installed by a software called Dell Foundation Services. This software is still available on Dell's webpage. According to the somewhat unclear description from Dell it is used to provide "foundational services facilitating customer serviceability, messaging and support functions".
While Dell claims that this was provided to provide user support and there is no evidence it is being used to inject ads like in the case of Superfish, this is still a huge security issue as anybody with access to the private key (which has already been extracted and posted online) can now perform MITM attacks on any user with the eDellRoot CA installed.

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